35 Best Things to 3D Print in June 2024 (Life Hacks)

best things to 3D print (life hacks)
Looking for 3D-printed life hacks? Sometimes simple is best. Here are 35 things to 3D print that will make your life that little bit easier.

3D printing is an excellent hobby, but we all get sick of churning out the same old stuff after a while. You can only print so many random ornaments!

That’s why we’ve curated a list of designs that will actually spruce up your daily routine. Whether it’s around the house or on the move, these gadgets are sure to please, and even make for great gifts.

Plus, we’ve added five bonus things to 3D print at the end that are just, really, really cool.

1. Under-Desk Drawer

Under-desk drawer

Maybe I picked this 3D print because I’m writing this article from a particularly cluttered desk – who knows? What I can tell you, is that it’s one of the cleanest-looking under-desk drawer models out there, complete with enough space for all the essentials. And it’s very straightforward to attach.  

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: zahader

2. Gorilla Space Case

Gorilla Space Case

If you need a sturdy storage solution for tools or other work gear, this may be just the thing. The case is water-resistant, dustproof, and lockable. Remember to read the instructions before getting started as there are some important tips to keep in mind.

Difficulty: Moderate

Made by: muddymaker 

3. Bluetooth Speaker

3D printed bluetooth speaker

Not only is this speaker visually stunning, it sounds amazing too. While you will require a few extra bits to get the electronics working, the total cost shouldn’t be more than $20. Visit creator guppyk’s profile for a matching subwoofer and other parts to round out your sound system.

Difficulty: Hard

Made by: guppyk

4. Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier

If that last design seemed a bit complex, here’s a simpler way to amp up your music-listening experience. This horn-shaped device needs no additional work, just print, slot your phone in, and hit play.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: TiZYX

5. Squeeze Fan Ruggedized!

Squeeze Fan

The perfect 3D-printed life hack for these hot summer months! There are plenty of squeeze fan models out there, but most are more fun than functional. This one has been bigger, stronger, and oh so much windier to keep you cooler than a cucumber on Christmas.

Difficulty: Moderate

Made by: GeorgeZSL

Loving these ideas but missing a printer? Hire a professional to 3D print your designs, it’s surprisingly affordable!

6. LED Hexagonal Panels

LED hexagonal panels

Upgrade your gaming setup, bedroom, or office with a set of ambient LED panels. Aside from the usual materials, the only things you need are some RGBIC strip lights and super glue. If you’re feeling adventurous, experiment with multiple colours to create a gradient effect.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: bigjim36

We can also 3D scan your furniture and appliances to help you build a purpose-built gaming space.

7. Customisable Fridge Door Organiser

Customisable fridge door organiser

A useful 3D printing idea that’s no sweat to assemble? Yes please! Grab a handful of magnets and stick this fully customisable organiser to your fridge door. Attachments include a pen holder, paper notes holder, and a hook for a bottle opener, keys, or anything else that takes your fancy.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: Der_Dennis

8. Bread Bag Clip

bread bag clip 3d print

Not the flashiest item on this list, but my favourite by far. Keep your precious bread fresh without having to deal with those frustrating sticky seals. Still not sold? It also doubles up as a wonderful finger-pinching fidget toy.

Difficulty: Easy


9. Shoe Organiser

shoe organiser

Here’s a handy 3D print for the sneakerheads. Sort and display your collection in style with these sleek shoe organisers. For those wanting a faster print, jordi_id7 has kindly added a version with holes.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: jordi_id7 

10. Mini Wrench Kit

3D printed wrench set

One thing that I always seem to be missing is the right size wrench. It’s such a letdown when you have to delay a D.I.Y. project to go out and find one. So, why not treat yourself to a full set of mini wrenches, including M3, M4, M5, M6 variants.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: yucelll

11. Screwdriver Bits

screwdriver bits

Continue kitting out your 3D-printed toolbox with an array of screwdriver bits. Now, obviously they’re not as strong as their metal counterparts, but in situations where you require very little torque, they get the job done.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: guppyk

12. Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand

phone stand 3D print

Time to get mechanical! This quick grab/release phone stand works just as well as anything you’d buy on Amazon. The description provides in-depth instructions, plus a link to a small extension spring which is necessary to finish the build.

Difficulty: Moderate

Made by: Arron_mollet22

13. Car Phone Holder

car phone holder

Another life-hacking print, this time for when you’re on the road. Similar to the previous design, this mechanical phone holder attaches straight into your AC vents. To customise your interior even further, use a 3D car scanning service to craft accessories that fit your exact measurements.

Difficulty: Moderate


14. Easy-Clean Toothbrush Holder

toothbrush holder 3d print

Let’s go back to boring yet brilliant. “Toothbrush holder” may not scream exciting print, but this thing has a trick up its sleeve. Simply unscrew the bottom to rinse away any unsavoury gunk that has been accumulating. Not to mention, the bubble pattern is a perfect fit for any bathroom!

Difficulty: Easy


15. Toothpaste Squeezer

toothpaste squeezer gadget

While we’re chatting oral hygiene, don’t you just hate it when that last squidge of toothpaste refuses to budge? Fire up your 3D printer and end this nightmare with ChatterComa’s no-nonsense toothpaste squeezer.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: ChatterComa 

16. Travel Hanger

print and pack travel hanger

This print and pack travel hanger makes suitcase stuffing a breeze. Fold your clothes around the hanger to keep your luggage in-check, and creasing to a minimum. No supports required, and standard settings should do the job.  

Difficulty: Easy


17. One-Hand Bottle Opener

bottle opener

There’s no shortage of bottle opener models online, but this is one of the most popular picks. It makes use of hexagons to maximise strength while minimising material usage, genius! All you need to complete your bottle opener is a fitting magnet.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: quattro

18. Tape Measure Holder

tape measure holder

If you like a bit of order in your “random stuff” drawer, 3D printing this nifty tape measure holder could be a nice place to start. It’s even got finger dimples on the side to make it easy to grip when winding and unwinding.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: RoboHartMaker 

19. Minecraft Chest Apple Watch Stand

Apple watch stand design

You don’t need to be a Minecraft fan to appreciate how cool this Apple Watch stand is. It’s compatible with Apple Watch series 1 to 8, SE, Ultra, and 1st Generation. As intricate as it looks, the print shouldn’t actually be too challenging. The only thing missing is a diamond or two!

Difficulty: Moderate


20. Headset Stand

headset stand model

Another one for the gamers – every headset deserves a home. If you want the whole LED vibe, you’ll have to grab a few extra bits. It’s one of the more involved builds on the list, but luckily HELIOX has us covered with a video explaining the entire process.

Difficulty: Hard

Made by: HELIOX

21. Pencil Holder + Secret Drawer

stationery holder

If we were ranking the best things to 3D print, this would definitely be near the top. Aside from holding pens, pencils, and other stationery, the Mario-inspired design also has slots for up to 6 USB drives, 12 microSDs, and a pair of SDs cards. Oh, and don’t forget the hidden compartment under the tube…perfect for hiding snacks!

Difficulty: Moderate


22. Woven Bowls

woven bowls

Whether you’ve got an overflow of goodies that need somewhere to live, or just fancy a change in décor, these woven bowls are here to help. There are 3 sizes to choose from, or you can mix and match. The instructions also include a YouTube video if you need a closer look before you start.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: DaveMakesStuff

23. Wall-Mounted Circle Flowerpot

wall-mounted circle flowerpot 3d print

No list of things to 3D print would be complete without a flowerpot… Seriously, there’s always one! With that said, this is a new design that I really like. You’ll have to collect some acrylic, little rocks, and artificial plants if you want it to be exactly like the picture.

Difficulty: Moderate

Made by: provotector

24. Earth Desk Lamp

earth desk lamp

Brighten up your desk space with something out of this world – well, technically it is the world. To construct this lovely lamp, you’ll need a lamp socket and a bulb. Opt for a multicoloured LED bulb to get the best look. Note: The components are compatible only with a specific Lamp Socket available on eBay.

Difficulty: Hard

Made by: Ri0m0

25. Floating Shelves

3d printed floating shelves

It’s the flowerpots all over again! Sure, shelves are another common print, but you can’t deny these contoured floating shelves are pretty. The biggest factor appearance-wise is going to be material and colour, so think carefully about what would complement your room.

Difficulty: Moderate

Made by: Triple G Workshop

26. iPhone 14 Pro Case

iPhone 14 pro case

3D print marketplaces are littered with phone case designs, however it can be tough to find a reliable choice for the newer handsets. If you’re rocking an iPhone 14 Pro, you absolutely need to protect it. After scouring the comments, this one seems to be your best bet.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: rapnit

27. WiFi QR Code Sign

wifi QR code sign

Sick of friends asking for the WiFi code as soon as they step through your front door? Point them to this sign instead. Use Tinkercad to generate a QR code linked to your WiFi details and prepare for printing. Radiojack has supplied a thorough set of instructions to guide you through the process.

Difficulty: Moderate

Made by: radiojack

28. Tie-Back Curtain

curtain tie-back

This life hack is also one of the lowest-effort things to print. Keep your curtains neat and let the summer sun beam in uninterrupted. A great fix, especially for anyone who doesn’t have traditional curtains.

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: der_drucker

29. Charger Cable Organiser

3d printing charging cable organiser

An improved version of DFV Tech’s hugely successful charger cable organiser, this new design has hundreds of raving reviews. No more tangled cables, an ideal 3D print both for around the home and on the move. It’s recommended to print in PLA or PETG.

Difficulty: Moderate

Made by: DFV Tech

30. Dome Cat House

dome cat house

Everything else mentioned on this list was created with the goal of making human lives slightly easier. I thought it was time for us to stop being selfish, so, here’s a dome cat house. It’s actually a remix of a popular design by Abby575.

Difficulty: Hard

Made by: DeanR96

5 Bonus Cool Things to 3D Print

1. Minichess Set

mini chess set 3d print

Shockingly, minichess is just like chess, but mini! It’s played on a smaller 5×5 board, with less pieces, making it great for speedy games and taking away on vacation. This print is intended to be magnetized in order to hold pieces in place. The link above is for the board only, with the chess pieces available separately.

Difficulty: Moderate


2. Black Widow Guitar

black widow 3d printed guitar

There are plenty of guitar designs out there, there’s a special story behind the Black Widow though. It was created by U.S. army veteran Jessie Sasser, who wrote that 3D printing renewed his sense of purpose in life. The total expected print time is around 100 hours, so this is not a project to take on lightly – it would be amazing to pull off though!

Difficulty: Hard

Made by: TechSupportGo

3. Collapsing Lightsaber

lightsaber design

Again, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to Lightsaber models. However, not many feature a collapsing (and removable) blade. There is a print in place version too for those of you hoping to keep things a tad more straightforward.  

Difficulty: Hard


4. Catapult

catapult model

Want to add a splash of whimsy to your workdays? How does a desktop micro catapult sound? This basic 3D print can launch paper and other chunks of rubble up to 2 metres and is impressively resilient. Maybe avoid hitting the HR officer though!

Difficulty: Easy

Made by: LukeTansell 

5. PiKon Telescope

3d printed telescope

Initially conceived for Sheffield University’s ‘Festival of the Mind’, the PiKon Telescope is a 3D printed, Raspberry Pi fuelled Astro-cam. You’ll have to read through the detailed instructions to decide whether you think it’s doable, but it would feel incredible to make your own, working telescope.

Difficulty: Hard

Made by: Markwrig 

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