3D Car scanning

3D car scanning for entire vehicle bodies, chassis, and smaller mechanical parts. All automotive vehicles scanned. 

comparison between photo of car and 3D scan data

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Automotive 3D solutions we offer

classic car with obsolete wing mirror

Damaged & replacement car parts

The smart way to replace vehicle parts that are no longer in production. We transform your component into a 3D model and digitally repair any damage. The resulting file can then be used to 3D print a new unit.

vehicle interior with custom dash

Vehicle customisation & accessories

Our scan data can be used to calculate exact dimensions when creating custom vehicle fittings. Receive a professional CAD file ready for manufacture. Ideal for cosmetics, accessories, and functional features. 

engineer using 3D scan data to visualise automotive product design

Product development & quality inspection

Reverse engineer, prototype, and test aftermarket automotive products. 3D scanning presents multiple opportunities to streamline your manufacturing process. A faster, cheaper alternative to traditional methods.

Metrology-grade automotive 3D scans

We utilise top-of-the-range scanners to ensure you get the highest-quality automotive 3D data possible. 

What to expect

We assess each object prior to scanning to determine the optimal strategy.

Some items will require target markers, 3D scanning spray, or specialist jigs to get the best results. 

We then use our non-contact, non-destructive scanning equipment to collect precise data.

Finally, the resulting point cloud can be turned into an editable CAD file during post-processing. 

Learn more about our 3D scanning process. 

Standard scan data gives you a triangled mesh of your object without any colour or texture. It contains all defects of the scanned items and any ‘noise’ the scan has picked up.

A CAD file enables the repair and refinement of this data, which is essential for tasks like reverse engineering, prototyping, and producing parts in as-new condition. It’s also vital if you wish to modify the design and experiment with various aesthetics.

Our typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. This will vary depending on whether you opt for scan data only, an auto-surfaced model, or a parametric model.

Reverse engineering and additional services may also lengthen the time frame. 

Let us know if you have a tight dealine and we’ll work to find a solution. 

Auto-Surfaced Model

  • CAD compatible
  • Accurate representation of object’s exact geometry
  • Retains defects
  • Faster turnaround
  • Cost-Effective

Parametric Model

  • CAD compatible
  • Perfect 3D model, replicating original design intent
  • Defects repaired
  • Slower turnaround
  • Higher cost

Common car parts we 3D scan

We scan everything from entire vehicle bodies and larger panels like doors and wheel axles, to individual mechanical components and internal surfaces. Receive full-field, high-resolution data of your scan, which can also be converted into an editable CAD file. We also offer 3D motorcycle scanning.

These auto parts include...

How we 3D scan car parts

Porsche rocker cover

This is how we 3D scanned a rocker cover from a Porsche for one of our customers. 

We used a custom jig and turntable to cover all angles of the car part, and target markers to help the scanner keep track of its positioning.

Following the scan we reverse engineered the data in specialist CAD software to create a perfect parametric model.

Spare & replacement vehicle parts

car wheel being 3D scanned

Struggling to find a replacement for an obsolete car part? 

When a part has been discontinued by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), 3D scanning offers a simple solution.

By scanning your car part, we create an exact digital twin which can then be affordably reproduced with 3D printing. You can also print spares and keep the printable file for future copies.

What if my part is damaged?

a mechanical component being edited in CAD software

We can help with the restoration or replacement of damaged components too. Your scan data can be reverse-engineered in our specialist CAD software to digitally repair any faults and replicate original design intent.

You will receive a STEP file which we can use to 3D print your as-new part.

This is an effective way to breathe fresh life into classic cars and vintage RV models.

close-up of classic car

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Custom car parts & accessories

car grille being 3D scanned next to screen showing the scan data

Calculate exact measurements

3D scanning allows you to quickly capture precise measurements of any interior or exterior car surface, from chassis to glovebox. You can use this information to aid the design process of bespoke fittings for luxury vehicles, work vans, or personal cars. 

Vehicle modifications

Modify existing parts by collecting scan data and manipulating it with CAD. Drivers use this to mod race cars for motorsports, create unique badges and emblems, or upgrade their interiors with custom-made dash pods, cupholders, trays, and more. Our Carbon Fibre PETG is a popular material for printing these parts.

bespoke cupholder attached to car dashboard
van fitted with custom racking

Specialised commercial fittings

Tradespeople and businesses can use 3D scanning to design fitted racking and shelving for company vans & utility vehicles. They can be fully customised with different sizes, shapes, and styles to adapt to your specific use case. 

We can 3D scan furniture and office appliances too. 

What our customers say...

Automotive product development

Prototyping aftermarket products

3D scanning allows you to rapidly prototype aftermarket vehicle parts – anything from complete body kits to small functional elements. Quickly refine concepts in CAD and keep a record of all design iterations. Combined with additive manufacturing, this also makes for an economical alternative to injection moulding for low-volume production. 

graphic comparing car photo with digital wireframe
different variations of car products

Flexible automotive manufacturing

By having a digital inventory of your products readily available, you can speedily adapt to the demands of your customer base. Offer bespoke items or create new variations of existing designs, simply by editing the scan data.

OEMs and resellers in the medical industry utilise a similar process.

We misplaced our original drawings/tooling for an automotive bracket. We had 1 sample left and sent it to Surface scan. Within a matter of days they had created a 2D drawing, 3D model drawing and 3D printed model.

Gary Naisbett

Continental AG

Continental AG company logo

Vehicle quality control

Ultra-efficient inspection for automakers

Ensure that tooling and moulds adhere to your quality control specifications. Promptly obtain precise measurements of even the most complex geometries and check for deviation against the original model. Complete door gap and flush inspection to confirm that all panels are properly aligned.

engineer in garage viewing inspection report on laptop
car frame in factory ready for testing

Testing & simulation

3D scan data can be used for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and virtual motion analysis to evaluate vehicle aerodynamics. Other simulations such as virtual assembly are also possible, allowing manufacturers to visualise how individual components come together as part of the overall design.

Our professional 3D laser scanning services are ideal for larger-scale projects like auto manufacturing plants and machinery.

Recent 3D automotive scans

3D scan data of car bumper

Car bumper

This is an unedited 3D scan of a ford front bumper. The holes on the bumper are from markers to aid with 3d scanning.

The client wanted to use the data for several different reasons. The main aim was for fixing locations and modifications.

3D scan data of MG ashtray

MG ashtray

A customer took advantage of our 3d car scanning services to create a mount for the cars’ main badge to fit the ashtray. We 3d scanned the ashtray and the badge to capture both curves, and we then used our SLA 3d printers to create a mount to create what looked like an OEM badge mount.

3D scan data from a chopper frame

Chopper frame

We used our mobile 3D scanning service for Raw Steel Choppers to digitally scan this rare chopper frame. 

One of their customers was asked to reproduce the frame and make any modifications need and the data sent to a CNC company.

3D scan data from a VW Caddy tray.

VW caddy tray

Here we used our mobile 3D scanner.  We scanned the tray that is part of a dashboard on a VW Caddy.  The client wanted to design a secure lid to cover the tray. 

This went on to become a prototype product that sold to end-users.  This 3D scan was also reverse-engineered & 3D printed


Data captured during the 3D scanning process can be converted into a wide variety of outputs.

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