Bespoke 3D printed face masks to help in the fight against Covid-19.

3d printed face mask

A team at the Imperial College London have been working on a revolutionary new 3D printed face mask. It is a fascinating development for the world of 3D scanning and 3D printing.

Initially, the team were designing bespoke face masks for patients suffering from sleep apnea. Since the pandemic has started in 2020, they have used this technology to help fight the Covid-19 outbreak.

The team 3D scan the patients face, using a 3D scanning app. This scan is extremely accurate due to the number of data points collected. The data is taken from the 3D scan to print a 3D model.

It is easy for anyone to scan their face using a 3D scanning app. All you need to do is download a 3D scanning app to your mobile phone. When you have downloaded the app you 3D scan your face.

The scan data is used to 3D print the mask. This mask should fit your face perfectly; providing the 3D printer used is of good quality. One of the other benefits is that it’s easy to sanitise. It also has space for a filter, that you can change regularly. Part of the design is the soft edges, so it doesn’t rub on your face.

They are hoping to use this design on respirators, which would also help in the fight against Covid-19. These 3D masks will be a massive help to the NHS for both patients and staff.

The BBC Click has made a short program about customised face masks here.

You can also read more about the Faculty of Engineering, Dyson School of Design Engineering who are responsible for the mask here.

face mask 3d print
BBC Clicks program about 3D printed face masks.

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Just another great example of how 3d scanning and 3D printing is changing the work we live in for the better!

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