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Our simple to use 3D printing cost calculator delivers an instant online price. Simply upload your model, choose the settings that suit your needs and get it delivered to your door!

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We offer several price breaks. There are discounts at 25+ 50+ & 100+.  Larger batch production discounts are available on request.


PLA is our cheapest material. Use PETG for functional parts, while TPU is great for impact resistance. ASA is ideal for outdoor applications. 


Our standard colours are grey, black and white. We also offer red, blue, orange, and green. We offer bespoke colours on request.


The infill choices are 20%, 50% & 100%. The infill not only effects the strength of your 3D prints but will impact print times and the final cost.


Bump yourself up the print queue! We offer 3 manufacturing speeds: Express is 1-3 days, Standard is 3-6 days, & Economy is 10 days. Choose what is best for you.

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Material choices & costs

Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre provides high tensile strength and stiffness with an attractive matte black finish.

The benefits...


Is a cost-effective material. Generally considered the perfect option for prototyping 

The benefits...


Is another affordable option. It’s strong, UV resistant, and is the best option for functional parts.

The benefits...


Is a highly flexible material. Useful for covers, phone cases and impact resistant parts.

The benefits...


Is a sturdy, versatile plastic. Often used for automotive parts and outdoor applications.

The benefits...


Materials: DuraForm ProX PA Plastic (Nylon PA12)

Our SLS printing service produces high-quality, durable parts, even with the most complex geometries. You’ll be left with a light, rough, grainy finish. 

We use a PA12 Nylon material which is effective for low-volume batch production and functional end-use parts. The price per unit will generally be considerably higher with SLS compared to FDM.  

SLS 3D printing examples

Our services

3D Scanning

Transform physical items into precise digital models with our metrology-grade 3D scanners.

3D Printing

Use your own STL file or 3D scan data for one-off prints or batch production runs.

Reverse engineering

Convert your scan data into an editable CAD file, ready for the next stage of your project.

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