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Supplying Nottingham with online 3D printed parts. Upload your file, get an instant quote and take advantage of free delivery.

Nottingham 3d printing services

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Why choose Surface Scan for your Nottingham 3D printing service?

Fast 3d printing nottingham

Instant upload & quote

Upload your 3D file to receive an instant quote. Decide what materials are best for your project.

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Quality 3D prints

We use the latest technology to deliver quality, accurate SLS, FDM and SLA 3D prints to Nottingham.

3d printed parts delivered for free to Nottingham

Free delivery

Whether your order 1 or 100’s of 3D printed prints, our delivery to Nottingham is always free.

Nottingham 3D Printing Service

Ready to order your 3D print?

We’ve got a simple to use price calculator to give you an online quote. Simply upload your 3D file to see your price.

3D printing materials

nottingham selective laser sintering


Print functional parts using our PA12 nylon. Suitable for batch production and precise, strong end-use parts.

fdm 3d printing service in Nottinham


FDM offers great strength, impact resistance and flexibility. Suited to non-visible applications

cheap 3d printing nottingham


SLA leaves a near injection moulded look with almost no layer lines. Best for prototypes and non-functional objects.

Customers who trust us...

I don't have a 3D CAD file?

Our designers are here to help. If you have an idea, a product you want to bring to life, design verification or maybe files that need repairing. Maybe you have STEP files or an unsupported file format, let us convert it for you.

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Choosing the best technology

Additive manufacturing uses a range of technologies and materials when manufacturing your files into physical 3D parts.

Choosing the best material for your project can depend on many factors, and it’s end-use.

  • How many parts do you need?
  • Does the product need to be strong?
  • Does it need to be functional?
  • Is the project for outside use? 
  • Is feel more important?

These are just some of the questions that might need answering before deciding on what might work best for project or parts.

Material finshes

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