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We 3D scan furniture, household appliances, and office equipment. Ideal for restoration, custom furnishings, or replacing discontinued parts. 

navy chair against navy background

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Furnishing 3D solutions we provide

spare freezer parts

Replacement parts & repairs

A simple solution for replicating damaged or obsolete parts from discontinued appliances. After 3D scanning, we will reverse-engineer your interior object to mirror the original design intent. This is also useful when restoring or remanufacturing worn furniture, such as dining tables and nightstands. 

a custom-built bookcase and shelving

Custom furniture fittings & design

Gather dimensions for bespoke house fittings, including kitchen units, skylights, and glazing systems. Personalise other amenities by scanning to CAD and editing the data. For example, create add-ons for your dressing table or design custom storage solutions for gaming consoles.

Computer showing CAD for a chair

Product development & digital showcasing

Revolutionise your prototyping and manufacturing efforts with our furniture 3D scanning. Make fast iterations, monitor production quality, and combine with 3D printing to fashion complex moulds. Build a digital library of your catalogue to showcase to clients in virtual environments.  

Metrology-grade utility 3D scans

We work with the latest scanners to ensure that you receive the highest-quality furniture 3D data possible. 

What to expect

We evaluate each object before scanning to determine the best strategy.

Certain items will require target markers, 3D scanning spray, or specialist jigs to guarantee optimal results. 

We then use our non-contact, non-destructive scanning equipment to collect precise data.

Lastly, the resulting point cloud can be converted into an editable CAD file during post-processing. 

Read more about our 3D scanning process. 

Raw scan data gives you a triangled mesh of your object devoid of any colour or texture. It contains all defects of the scanned items and any ‘noise’ the scan has picked up.

A CAD file permits the repair and refinement of this data, which is necessary for tasks like reverse engineering, prototyping, and producing parts in as-new condition. It’s also useful if you wish to modify the design and experiment with various aesthetics.

Our usual turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. This may vary depending on whether you require scan data only, an auto-surfaced model, or a parametric model.

Reverse engineering and additional services can also extend the time frame. 

If you have a strict deadline, let us know and we’ll work to find a solution. 

Auto-Surfaced Model

  • CAD compatible
  • Accurate representation of object’s exact geometry
  • Retains defects
  • Quicker turnaround
  • Cost-Effective

Parametric Model

  • CAD compatible
  • Flawless 3D model, replicating original design intent
  • Defects repaired
  • Slower turnaround
  • Higher cost

Common household items we 3D scan

We can scan anything from armchairs and bookcases to antique coffee tables, stools, lamps, and that luxurious chaise longue. You’ll receive full-field, high-resolution data of your scan, which can be converted into an editable CAD file on request.

Popular materials: Wood, bamboo, wicker, metal, plastic, leather, ceramic, concrete. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch!

This furniture includes...

white refrigerator on blue background

3D scan appliances

If you need 3D models of parts from your refrigerator, freezer, or other white goods, we’ve got you covered. We also scan kitchen counters, baths, and openings like windows and doors.


Snooker and pool tables, jukeboxes, or even grand pianos can be scanned. Our 3D solutions are great for smaller, ornate objects such as sculptures and trophies.

entertainment system 3d scanning
3d scan garden furniture

Outdoor furniture

3D scan garden furniture including benches and patio sets. Use our tech to aid the creation of a custom water feature or chess table. Our ASA filament is well-suited to 3D printing outdoor parts, including those on boats.

3D scanning office furniture

We specialise in scanning office furnishings including seating, desks, filing cabinets and lighting fixtures. Design custom equipment for your workspace, made to fit your team’s unique requirements.

Eco-friendly solutions

Remanufacturing office equipment is far kinder to the environment than sending it to a landfill and buying new furniture. It’s also significantly cheaper. By reverse engineering your scan data, we can produce like-new replacement parts to help breathe fresh life into older furniture.

Furniture restoration & spare parts

shower with damaged parts replaced


3D scan damaged part to create digital model.


Reverse engineer data and digitally repair any faults.


3D print replacement part & as many spares as you need.

Replacing damaged appliance parts

When a component is no longer available from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and gets damaged, replacing it can be nearly impossible. Take, for instance, a scenario where a shower door hinge breaks.

Instead of the costly alternative of purchasing an entirely new shower setup, our reverse engineering process offers a much more economical solution. We can digitally repair 3D scan data to match original design intent and 3D print a like-new part with as many spares as you need.

Repairs & copies

remanufactured chest of drawers

3D scan furniture to improve the speed and quality of reupholstery or remanufacturing projects. Obtain accurate measurements to ensure that any new elements fit perfectly. Reverse engineer existing parts to produce any number of copies. 

Expensive ottoman or recliner? Some customers choose to create digital replicas of their furniture for insurance purposes. This way you have a true record of the item’s condition in case of any future damage.

installing duplicate hinge

Discontinued parts from cars, medical equipment, and aircraft can also be reverse-engineered.

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Bespoke furnishings for interior design

a custom-built kitchen island with drawers and shelving

Precise fitting & spatial dimensioning

Planning out fittings for a new building or refreshing an existing room layout? 3D scanning lets you measure all surfaces to calculate exact dimensions of even the most complex geometries.

You can use this data to craft features tailored to the space, say a lavish kitchen island, sauna installation, or home aquarium. Populate an empty closet or design purpose-built tiling.

Customise furniture in CAD

Another way to customise is to scan existing items or physical concepts to CAD and edit the resulting file.

Personalise door furniture such as door knobs and handles, or bring to life a build-to-specification entertainment centre. By manipulating the CAD file, you can adjust the size of a certain area, rework aesthetics, or add new sections in order to meet design requirements.

screenshot of a table being designed in specialist CAD software

3D laser scanning is the perfect technology for larger-scale projects, such as furniture manufacturing centres and warehouses.

What our customers say...

Home décor product development

Prototyping & Manufacturing

Furniture 3D scanning helps streamline the product development process in several ways. Firstly, it can be used to rapidly prototype, thanks to the ability to visualise concepts digitally and quickly edit CAD files. Designers can also send the final CAD file to their production partners rather than needing to ship physical prototypes.

Having a digital inventory of products makes for improved quality control and more consistent manufacturing. 3D print complicated moulds and scan tooling to enhance inspection procedures. Additionally, CAD files can be altered to offer customers bespoke solutions at a premium price point.

comparison between digital furniture prototypes and photo of actual items
using augmented reality to display sofa in empty space

Digital showcasing

Create a digital library of your products to be viewed by customers, architects, and interior designers.

Once you have digital 3D models of your furniture, the possibilities are endless. For example, the data could be examined in augmented reality to demonstrate how items would look in a specific space.


Data obtained during the furniture 3D scanning process can be converted into a wide variety of outputs.

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