3D Scanning Services

We offer complete 3D Scanning services to our clients.  It’s an in house or mobile service,  depending on the type of part.  Customers find this data saves so much time in the prototyping and design process.  Talk to us about your 3D Scanning needs; we can help with your project.

we do 3d scanning in kent and the uk

3D Printing Services

Take advantage of our 3D Printing services.  We use different types of processes and materials that produce different finishes. Talk to us about what you need, and we can help.  It could be a one-off product or a production run of bespoke parts.  We can help you achieve this.

Reverse Engineering

We take the data from your 3D Scan and reverse engineer the part for you. This is the perfect starting ground for redesigning the part or making a part to fit.  The 3D Data is so accurate it cuts down the design time.  Talk to us about reverse engineering your product.


So many different types of industry are using 3D Scanning.  We work with product designers.  They will have an original product that they want to redesign, but no drawings.  By using our 3D scanning Services that product, we can produce a perfect drawing.  This information can be used to redesign and improve upon that product. We also use it to 3D scan items that need a part to fit inside it.  If you have the original part’s exact measurements, designing the second part becomes a lot simpler.  

A 3D Scanner can do in hours what would have taken days or weeks to create by hand.  It is also a lot more accurate. Take advantage of our 3D Scanning services.  It will improve your workflow and save you time. Get in touch to find out if we can help you. Want to find more about us.

Our Reverse Engineering Services has many different uses.  For our clients, it makes the design process much more accurate. We start by 3D scanning a physical object.  We then reverse engineer the part.  This information can then be used to re-design the original part.  It can also be used to make a new part to fit into the original item.  The 3D printing technology is so precise that the parts fit perfectly.  This makes the process much faster and in turn, cheaper. It is ideal for designing a part similar to an existing item that you don’t have original drawings for.  Visit our reverse engineering services to find out more.



The 3D Printing Services we offer have many uses.  You can use different types of materials to give different finishes.  There is ABS, PLA, PETG and many more.  3D printing is ideal if you want to produce a one-off model of a design.  Or if you have designed a new part and you want to test its measurements.  If it doesn’t fit perfectly, you can tweak the measurements and try again. We also do limited runs of bespoke parts for manufacturers.  The list of what 3D printing can be used for is endless.

The 3D printing process is swift and relatively low cost.  This means that you can bring a new product to market in a matter of weeks and not months.  Get in touch and talk to us about your project.  We can advise you of the best type of 3D printing for your project.  

Rapid prototyping is changing the way product designers work.  Designers can now bring a product to market in a matter of weeks.  This means always being one step ahead of your competitors.

Do you have an idea that you want to manufacture? Creating a 3D model can bring your idea to life.  You can get the look and feel of the product.  Look for any flaws.  Make any necessary improvements.  You can make as many tweaks as you need to make sure your product is everything you dreamed it would be.  You can use this model to show your customers.  You can do all of this before laying out huge amounts of capital.  

If you have a product that you want to create, then get in touch today.  We can use our experience and technology to help make your idea a reality.


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