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3D scanning benefits include high-quality data capture

Why Us?

Delivering excellence in every 3D scan

When you choose Surface Scan, you choose quality. We’re committed to providing a premium 3D scanning experience that will leave you with everything you need to quickly move on to the next stage of your project.

We offer a selection of 3D scanning benefits to give you as much value as possible. 

Our 3D scanning benefits include...

fully calibrated 3D scanners

We maintain a selection of premium 3D scanners, ensuring the perfect match for any application. This includes metrology-grade equipment suitable for industrial measurement tasks that require the highest possible level of precision.

Fully calibrated metrology-grade scanners

Our scanners are professionally calibrated on a regular basis. Calibration occurs in a purpose-built, temperature-controlled facility and involves a series of tests to verify that the device performs within strict tolerances without any deviations or errors.

This is essential to account for any performance impact from natural wear and tear and environmental factors over time.


Your inspection report offers a visual breakdown of any deviations between the raw scan data & CAD model.

Free inspection report

If you opt for our scan-to-CAD service, we will include a free inspection report to help you get the most out of your data. We create these in specialist metrology software called ZEISS INSPECT.

You’ll receive a colour map highlighting any deviations between the clean CAD model and raw scan data. This is a quick way to identify any areas that are in or out of tolerance and verify the thickness of specific sections.

Let us know if there’s a specific type of report that you require and we will do our best to accommodate.

Data aligned to world coordinate system

By default, 3D mesh data will float in a somewhat random position, which is not optimal for CAD or other downstream uses. We assign reference geometry to your 3D mesh model and align it to a World Coordinate System.

This critical alignment ensures that your models are not only accurate but also positioned for immediate use in applications like reverse engineering. This enhances consistency, integration, and accuracy across datasets, enables precise spatial orientation, and enables reliable analysis and quality control.

Dedicated success manager

A client-favourite 3D scanning benefit is our dedicated Client Success Managers. They will be on hand to answer any questions and facilitate seamless collaboration with our scanning engineers. Our goal is to deliver results that let you smoothly transition to the next stage of your project without the need for any unnecessary extra work.

We view our customer service as an essential extension of our professional values, always ready to respond to your concerns, accommodate special requirements, or adjust to last-minute changes. After you receive your final deliverables, your Success Manager will remain available to provide ongoing support and assist with any future projects.

customer success manager meeting with client

Services we offer

3D Scanning

Transform physical items into precise digital models with our metrology-grade 3D scanners.

3D Printing

Use your own STL file or 3D scan data for one-off prints or batch production runs.

Reverse engineering

Convert your scan data into an editable CAD file, ready for the next stage of your project.

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