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3D Scanning Service In Canterbury

Are you looking for a 3D scanning service in Canterbury? Let Surface Scan help you complete your project.

We offer two services in Canterbury. We have our mobile hand-held 3D scanning service and our desktop service, and each one has it’s benefits.

Hand-held 3D scanning is excellent for large items, and we can 3D scan an object from about 30 cm and upwards. Let’s say wanted to 3D scan a car door or bumper for reverse engineering to create a modified part, we can help you do that.

Our desktop 3D scanning is excellent for smaller items from about 20 mm up to around 200 mm. This is great for 3D scanning models, small car parts, broken fittings, etc.

All our equipment uses structured light technology, and it produces highly detailed scan data, ready to be reversed engineered or 3d printed.

We’re based in Kent; we offer our services in Canterbury and throughout Kent. If you need any information, please get in touch.

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3D Scanning FAQ's

Not sure if 3D scanning can help you?Not sure if you object is right for 3D scanning?

We’ve got some common FAQ’s that might help you decide. 

As we’ve said, we use structured light 3D scanning here at Surface Scan, but it does come with a few limitations. Don’t worry, though; we have ways of getting over most issues. 

Maybe you already have the 3D scan data and need it reversed engineered?

Here is a more detailed explanation on what is structured light scanning.

Let’s say you wrapped an object in clingfilm and it took the form of that shape and every tiny detail. You then remove the object without altering the clingfilm, your left with your object’s exterior shape, a mesh or point cloud. This data can then be used for various purposes.

Most files we send are in the format of an STL or an OBJ.

If we’ve reversed engineered your data, it will normally be sent as either a STEP or IGES file.

Generally, we’ll send your data of secure servers or portable storage devices, whichever works best for you.

Absolutely, we offer a complete mobile service.

Yes, not a problem. Just bear in mind the postage costs and how big your object is.

Scanning shinny or dark objects can be tricky for most 3D scanners. The way around this is to spray the object with a non-reflective spray. Don’t worry, though; it comes evaporates really quickly.

We use 3D scanners that scan using structured light. It basically projects a pattern onto the surface of the object and cameras data.

If we haven’t answered all your questions, please get in touch.  We will be happy to discuss your project.

Have you handmade got a prototype? Do you need to reverse an old mould? Do you want to create custom car parts? The list goes on, but if you a problem and need a solution, we’re here to help.

What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning services come in many forms. Laser scanning, photogrammetry, structured light, the list goes on. 

Our 3D scanning services use structured light technology, but the end goal is the same, to capture highly detailed and accurate models of your object. 

This 3D scan can then be used in many ways, reverse engineering, 3d printing, analysis etc.

What is 3D Scanning Used For?

3D scanning uses the latest technology to help simplify workflows in many industries and sectors. Let’s say you work in the automotive industry and you want to increase the aerodynamics of a front bumper or spoiler. We can 3D scan the original bumper or spoiler, reverse engineer it and make the changes we think will work. Then using CAD software, we can analyse our changes. We’ve written a great blog on “What is 3D Scanning Used For“, check it out.

How 3D Scanning Works

We use structured light to 3D scan objects.

This works by using a single light source to project multiple lines/patterns onto the object, a camera then tracks these lines. 

The camera uses the differences in these lines to determine the different depths of the given features. Then the software does the tricky bits.

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