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Professional mobile 3D scanning services in London. Create precise data to digitise your physical objects for, prototyping, reverse engineering, inspection or 3D printing.

local 3D scanning

3D scanning in London

Surface Scan offers precise and cost-effective 3D scanning solutions in London and surrounding towns.

providing a mobile 3d scanning scanning service

On-site 3D scanning

Surface Scan offers on-site 3D scans. If your object is too heavy or fragile to transport, we can travel to you or you can send small models to us via a courier.

accurate 3d scanning

Accurate 3D scans

Our metrology-grade equipment generates accurate 3D scan data at up to 10μm resolution. Capture the exact measurements of your model no matter how detailed.  

scan to cad files

3D scanning to CAD

Use our 3D scan to CAD solution to convert your data into a design-ready, professional CAD file. This can then be easily edited for reverse engineering, digital repair, and rapid prototyping.

Looking for a quote?

Every 3D scanning project is unique, tell us about your idea or contact us for advice. Upload some photos of your object for an accurate, no-obligation quote.

What can we 3D scan?

3D scanning can be effective on almost any object. It could be a car, aeroplane, building, jewellery or even a prosthetic.  It can be a very large item or a small, complex object. Our top-of-the-range 3D scanners allow us to give you the best results possible.  Here are just some of the models we 3D scan.

Customers who trust us...

3D scanning an object...

Before we scan any model, we find out the client’s needs. What level of detail do you require? What are you trying to achieve?
We then assess what scanning equipment is best suited to the part’s size and shape. Does it need target markers or non-reflective spray?
What if the model has very little geometry or texture? If there are no features for the scanner to recognise, we’ll use target markers. These help the scanner keep track of its positioning and aid with accuracy.
Not sure if 3D scanning is what you need? Send us some photos, and we’ll take a look. 

Learn more about our scanning process.

3D scanning with markers

When your model lacks substantial geometry or texture, we can apply target markers. They help the scanner monitor its positioning and assist with accuracy. Once the 3D scan is complete, we will remove all markers. 

Using 3D scanning markers and textures

3D scanning spray

What happens if the model is shiny or black?

We can still 3D scan it.  We use a specialist non-reflective spray. It does not leave any coating or residue on the item. You can see it working in the video below;

Recent 3D Scans

3D scanning a bumper in London.


This is an unedited 3D scan of a ford front bumper. The holes on the bumper are from markers to aid with 3d scanning. 

The client wanted to use the data for several different reasons. The main aim was for fixing locations and modifications.

3D scanning an MG ashtray in London.

MG Ashtray

A customer took advantage of our 3d scanning services to create a mount for the cars’ main badge to fit the ashtray. We 3d scanned the ashtray and the badge to capture both curves, and we then used our SLA 3d printers to create a mount to create what looked like an OEM badge mount.

3D scanning a bike in London.

Chopper Frame

We used our mobile 3D scanning service for Raw Steel Choppers to digitally scan this rare chopper frame. 

One of their customers was asked to reproduce the frame and make any modifications need and the data sent to a CNC company.

3D scanning a medal in London.

death penny

Here we used our desktop scanner for this world war one death penny. The customer wanted to reproduce the coin for so they could have their own copy. The coin was 3d Scanned with our desktop 3d scanner, we then cleaned the data ready for printing. The coin was 3d printed on one our resin printers.

can we 3D scan your part?

This is the most common question that we get asked. Generally, the answer is yes; we can 3D scan your part.  We offer a mobile 3D scanning service and work in London & the surrounding areas.

You will need to provide us with some basic information. We will need to know the size of the object and what the item is used for.  A photo is helpful so that we can get an idea of how detailed the part is.  It’s important to know if its load-bearing or if there is any damage to the part.  All these questions can usually be answered with a chat over the phone or a brief email.

3D scanning a sculpture in London.

3D scanning large objects

3D Scanning large objects in London.

When 3D scanning large items, we use our handheld mobile scanners.  This type of scanner is suitable for objects from the size of a kettle up to a vehicle’s size.  This type of scanner is mobile, so we can visit your London site to carry out the 3D scan.  It captures very fine details and is perfect for replicating larger objects.

3D scanning small objects

3D Scanning small items in London.

For smaller objects, we use desktop 3D scanners. They are perfect for smaller items and range from around 30mm up to roughly 350mm.  These scanners are part of our in house service.  Small items are mainly posted out to us.  It works well for cogs, clips, jewellery and other small but detailed objects.

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