3D Scanning Services

Our 3D scanning services are the backbone of our business. Coupled with our 3D printing and reverse engineering services, it allows us to offer you a simple all in one service.

Do you only need scan data? Do you need a CAD model? Do you need prototypes?

With our love for anything 3D and the latest structured light 3D scanning tech, were here to help.

Reverse Engineering

We offer bespoke reverse engineering services. 

We digitally replicate the original part as a starting point for your project. Enabling you to create new versions or further engineer the part.  

There are so many advantages of the 3D reverse engineering process. It can reduce the design process time by up to 75%. 

3D Printing Services

We use the latest SLS technology for our 3D printing services. 

Our 3d printed parts are strong and completely functional. Your 3D prints work straight from the printer. 

We can offer you a single 3D prototype or batch production. From 1 to 1000’s, we can bridge the gap to more traditional methods and help save costs.

What Areas Do We Cover?

we a range of 3d services

We’re based in Kent, but provide our 3D scanning services throughout the UK. We’re both a mobile and in-house business, we use state of the art handheld structured light 3D Scanners along with precision desktop scanners, we can literally cover every area of the UK. Our reverse engineering services are done in-house, as are our 3D printing services. No matter where you are based, our aim is to be cost-effective, fast and responsive.

Why Choose Us?

3D scanning services in london

Are you looking for a company with the latest 3D scanning technology, a company that offers the full service from reverse engineering to 3D Printing? A company with the flexibility to work around you and the needs of the project? If the answer is yes then Surface Scan is here to help. We’re passionate about what we do and we love everything 3D! Our aim is to complete the project to the highest standards and make sure you are happy with the end result.



How We 3D Scan & Our Technology

Our 3D scanning services use the latest structured light technology to 3D scan any object. Our 3D Scanning equipment lets us 3D scan objects from as small as 30mm and upwards. There really isn’t nothing we can’t 3D scan within reason, the only issues can be reflective surfaces. To overcome this we will have to use a non-reflective soray.

If your object is 30mm up to about 200mm, we use our desktop 3D scanner, anything over that we generally use our handheld 3D scanners. Both methods deliver the same high levels of detail and accuracy.

Do You Need Reverse Engineering

Do you need your 3D scan reversed engineered? Do you need to test a part or design? Do you need to analyse a design etc? Maybe you need to duplicate a part? 

For example, If you 3D print a Part direct from 3D Scan data it will print every defect within the scan data and could be a very rough finish. That’s where our reverse engineering services come in. We take your scanned data. Drop it into some CAD software and create a perfect model, ready to 3D Print.

Our 3D Printing & How It Works

We only 3D print in Nylon, using the latest SLS technology, it’s strong, creates functional ready to use parts and we only print at the finest detail possible.
Time is not the goal, it’s quality and usability of your parts that are important to us. All parts are Vibro polished to give the injection moulded look and feel. 

We offer single prints, perfect for prototyping or batch production which is cost-effective and spans the gap between costly injection moulding.


Mon-Fri: 08:30 AM - 17:30

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