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Expert aerospace 3D scanning for precise aviation inspection & the replacement of damaged or discontinued aircraft parts in the UK. 

inside of an aircraft cockpit with blue lighting

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Aerospace 3D solutions we provide

inside of a plane with replacement part

Replacement & custom aircraft parts

An innovative way to reproduce parts that have become difficult to source. Damaged component? We can reverse-engineer the item and digitally repair it to match original design intent. Obtain accurate spatial dimensions to aid the creation of bespoke aircraft fixtures.

engineer conducting an inspection on jet engine

Quality control & inspection

Ultra-efficient inspection for both private and in-service commercial aircraft. Aids damage assessment, MRO, and virtual testing. Our portable scanners are perfect for confined spaces and restricted engine areas, as well as external parts including shock struts and tires.

aerospace parts being 3D printed

Product development & manufacturing

Prototype new aerospace products, simplify manufacturing operations, and produce training aids and digital assets. 3D scanning and printing permit the fabrication of complex assemblies that may be impossible with traditional methods. Build a digital inventory and offer custom products on demand.

Metrology-grade aerospace 3D scans

We employ state-of-the-art scanners to ensure that you receive the highest-quality aeronautical 3D data available. 

What to expect

We evaluate each object before scanning to determine the best strategy.

Certain items will require target markers, 3D scanning spray, or specialist jigs to guarantee optimal results. 

We then use our non-contact, non-destructive scanning equipment to collect precise data.

Lastly, the resulting point cloud can be converted into an editable CAD file during post-processing. 

Read more about our 3D scanning process. 

Raw scan data gives you a triangled mesh of your object devoid of any colour or texture. It contains all defects of the scanned items and any ‘noise’ the scan has picked up.

A CAD file permits the repair and refinement of this data, which is necessary for tasks like reverse engineering, prototyping, and producing parts in as-new condition. It’s also useful if you wish to modify the design and experiment with various aesthetics.

Our usual turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. This may vary depending on whether you require scan data only, an auto-surfaced model, or a parametric model.

Reverse engineering and additional services can also extend the time frame. 

If you have a strict deadline, let us know and we’ll work to find a solution. 

Auto-Surfaced Model

  • CAD compatible
  • Accurate representation of object’s exact geometry
  • Retains defects
  • Quicker turnaround
  • Cost-Effective

Parametric Model

  • CAD compatible
  • Flawless 3D model, replicating original design intent
  • Defects repaired
  • Slower turnaround
  • Higher cost

Popular aircraft parts we 3D scan

Any part can be scanned. From full airframes and larger panels like wings and doors, to small internal components and inlet housing. Receive complete high-resolution data of your scan, which can also be transformed into an editable CAD file. We also scan drones, VTOLs, and spacecraft components.

These aerial parts include...

Bespoke & replacement aviation parts

a classic biplane with new parts

Looking to replace a discontinued aircraft part?

3D scanning presents a cost-effective way to replicate obsolete parts that are no longer available from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Don’t worry about dimensional drawings, we collect scan data to create an accurate digital copy of your plane or rotorcraft part. This file can then be 3D printed as many times as you need and stored for future use.

Our engineering-grade PEEK, Ultem & Nylon filaments are a good fit for demanding aerospace applications. 

Can you help if my part is damaged?

a small component being edited in CAD software

Absolutely! Damaged parts can be reverse-engineered by our dedicated CAD specialists. This involves scanning the object and digitally repairing any faults, using the original design intent as a guide. 

We will supply you with a clean STEP file which can be used to 3D print your part as new.

Ideal for vintage aircraft restoration projects and ultralight personal aviation.

engineer working on vintage seaplane
inside of a retrofit cabin with build-to-spec features

Cabin retrofits

3D scanning is effective for spatial dimensioning when retrofitting a jet cabin for civil or military applications. Design build-to-specification elements and ensure that everything fits as it should. 

You can also 3D scan furniture and home appliances for the same reason. 

Modify existing components

Quickly capture precise measurements of cosmetic items, from seating to luggage compartments.

You can then use this data for CAD modelling to create variations of the part tailored to your specific use case. Great for both legacy and modern vehicles.

jet seating with bespoke blue seat covers

Custom aircraft parts & accessories

Ready for your aerospace 3D scanning quote?

Fill in this form to receive a free, no-obligation quotation. Please attach images of the aircraft or part that you need scanned so that we can provide an accurate price estimate. 

Aerospace inspection & quality control

engineers performing a post-flight damage assessment

Streamlined inspection & damage assessment

By collecting detailed measurements of even the most complex geometries, such as turbine blades, it is possible to identify and correct any hidden defects. 

Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO)

Engineers conducting aviation MRO on personal or passenger planes benefit from a faster return to service. 3D scanning is far more efficient than traditional solutions like pit gauges.

engineer conducting repairs on a plane wing
a virtual reality display detailing plane design elements

Digital testing and simulation

With strict safety regulations to adhere to, teams can employ 3D scan data to run key tests and simulations. Test aerodynamic performance of exterior features like stabilizers and elevators.

This is also perfect for automotive 3D scanning

For larger-scale projects such as scanning airport infrastructure, 3D laser scanning will be better suited.

What our customers say...

Aviation product development

Accelerated prototyping

Calculate interior or exterior spatial dimensions for the prototyping of new part designs – be that mechanical fasteners for joining aircraft skin, rib, and spar sections, or unique aesthetic elements. Quickly adjust concepts in CAD, keeping a record of all design iterations. Our SLS PA12 Nylon is ideal for printing aerospace prototypes. 

A close up 3D rendering of an engine turbine prototype
a large engine part in an aerospace manufacturing factory

Versatile aerospace manufacturing

For industrial parts like engine blades, piping, and combustion chambers, aircraft manufacturers use 3D scanning to aid the design and documentation of tooling and moulds. Our metrology-grade scanners allow for efficient inspection and archiving of these manufacturing aids, ensuring your factory consistently meets quality control standards.

Having access to a digital inventory of your products as editable CAD files makes it easy to offer custom products and new variations.

3D product rendering

Bringing a new aviation product to market? 3D scan data can be used to generate digital assets used for visualisation, CGI, animation and product rendering. This lets you create marketing images, collect design feedback, and experiment with different styles, all before the item has entered production.

3d product rendering of a jet engine part
a 3D scanned module used as an airline training aid

Realistic training aids

Airlines can produce lifelike dummy training aids from 3D scan data. The appearance, weight, and feel can be kept almost identical to the original part, just without all of the functionality. This is a great way to give staff hands-on experience with important aircraft gear, without the cost associated with purchasing the item itself.

It’s also used for creating educational healthcare models and heritage resources.

Aerospace Preservation

Museums can implement 3D scanning for the recording and archiving of heritage aircraft and warbirds.


Data obtained during the aerospace 3D scanning process can be converted into a wide variety of outputs.

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