ASA filament

ASA is gaining popularity for its versatility & is quickly becoming one of the go-to 3D printing materials for outdoor use. 

About ASA

Here at Surface Scan we offer fast and reliable ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) 3D printing. ASA is a sturdy, reliable plastic. It’s low cost and extremely tough with high impact resistance qualities. Perfect for prototyping, automotive functional parts, and everyday 3D prints.

Advantages of ASA

black ABS 3D printed part


ASA 3D filament can be recycled, it is a biocompatible and recyclable material, however, it is not biodegradable. ASA is considered a relatively harmless thermoplastic. We have the ability to melt down and re-use all 3D printed models as printing material once again. 

Black ABS 3D printed product

Surface finish

Our ASA 3D prints come off the printing bed with a standard glossy finish. That being said ASA is known for its compatibility when it comes to all sorts of finishes. It can be molded, sanded and shaped to your satisfaction. ASA is also great at taking a wide range of paints and glues. 

assortment of abs products

Tough and durable

ASA is very structurally sturdy, it is known for its tough and durable properties. ASA is ideal if you or your company are looking for an inexpensive, strong, highly impact-resistant thermoplastic. ASA also has a decent amount of flexibility, often bending rather than snapping.

thrre small abs cubes stacked a top of each other

Chemical & UV Resistance

Very high resistance to both chemicals and sunlight. This, paired with its absorption qualities make ASA a solid choice for prints that will live outdoors. It is often used for sculptures, artwork and other installations. ASA is also easy to machine and apply finishes.

Please be aware that ASA is not suitable for parts with particularly thin walls as it is prone to split. For these thin parts, an alternative material such as PETG may give you a better end result. 

ASA use cases

Things to consider

Start your ASA 3D print now...

assortment of asa products.
Impact resistant

ASA is impact resistant, making it perfect for parts that require a high tensile strength and functional applications. ASA is made of three monomers making it a favourite choice among many different industries for its structural, mechanical and higher impact resistant characteristics. ASA is considered a  preferential thermoplastic for things like machine housing, store, factory and home fixtures, and point of purchase displays.

3D printed abs letters
Colours we offer

We offer ASA in black, grey and white. This does not take away from the professional quality and look of your print. It is also possible for you to apply hand finishes to ASA – it takes hand finishes extremely well, giving you complete freedom when modifying your prints. We recommend wet sanding to avoid leaving any lasting damage to the plastic. You should also prime your parts before applying your paint of choice. 

Appearance of ASA
ABS 3d printed parts stcked a top of each other

ASA has a glossy finish, which makes it look high quality. It will have some visible layer lines but they won’t distract from the overall look of the part. ASA only comes in neutral colours but has no problem with hand finishes. 

ASA vs other filaments

Here at Surface Scan, we offer an array of other filaments. Check out their advantages below:

Eco-friendly 80%
Print quality 80%
Cost effective 40%
Strength 95%
Flexibility 35%
Eco-friendly 80%
Print quality 90%
Cost effective 70%
Strength 85%
Flexibility 40%
Carbon Fibre
Eco-friendly 90%
Print quality 85%
Cost effective 75%
Strength 97%
Flexibility 45%
Eco-friendly 60%
Print quality 80%
Cost effective 70%
Strength 90%
Flexibility 95%
Eco-friendly 85%
Print quality 80%
Cost effective 70%
Strength 90%
Flexibility 45%
Eco-friendly 80%
Print quality 95%
Cost effective 85%
Strength 100%
Flexibility 55%

Looking for maximum durability?

Our engineering FDM materials are the perfect option for high-performance applications. 

assortment of high-performance plastic components

Yes, ASA has exceptional UV resistance. It is also resistant to temperatures up to 93 degrees. 

Depending on the delivery speed you select, this is when you can expect to receive your PLA 3D prints:


  • Express (1-3 business days)
  • Standard (3-6 business days)
  • Economy (10 business days)

ASA comes just below TPU and above PLA when it comes to price. ASA is considered to be on the cheaper side but we do recommend you take characteristics and material properties into consideration. If you're looking for prototyping then ASA is a great fit because of its ability to be modified easily.

ASA 3D prints are known for being very strong, holding a higher level of impact resistance compared to some of its alternatives. ASA is lightweight and very strong making it a favorite in the automotive industry. That being said, it does have a lower tensile strength than PLA, but is far better in environments that would expect to produce plenty of wear and tear. 

ASA falls into the FDM (fused deposition modeling) printing process. This is where the filament, in this case ASA is fed through an extruder, either direct or bowden. The extruder head then melts the filament, laying each layer down one by one, the current layer melting or fusing with the last. This process is repeated over and over until we are left with your 3D model. It is to be noted that ASA prints are far more effective when printed from within a heat chamber, this helps the overall quality of the print by maintaining a consistent temperature so not to over or under heat the filament. ASA is known for being a temperamental filament when it comes to heat. 

It can be challenging to print with due to the filaments elastic nature, ultimately making it harder to thread the filament through the extruder, which can occasionally jam. 

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