Medical 3D scanning solutions

3D body scanning to generate accurate data for custom prosthesis, orthosis, supports, and braces. Reverse engineer healthcare devices to conduct repairs and create spare parts with medical 3D scanning.

close-up of a optical device ready for medical 3D scanning

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Our healthcare 3D solutions

a custom prosthetic arm

3D Body scanning for custom medical aids

Forget one-size-fits-all. Specialist manufacturers or doctors can use our 3D scan data to design a wide range of supportive healthcare appliances, such as prosthetics and orthotics. This allows for a tailored fit to each individual, making the item exponentially more comfortable and wearable.

selection of medical devices in a dentists office

Healthcare equipment maintenance & design

Hospitals, private practitioners, and pharmaceutical manufacturers can replace damaged parts in a cost-effective manner. Digitise your components into an editable CAD file that can be used for designing or adapting medical apparatus. We can also help with the inspection and documentation of key devices.

a dummy heart used for teaching healthcare

Training & educational resources

Transform real organs and limbs into perfect 3D models from which realistic physical replicas can be produced. Schools can also develop immersive 3D visualisations and run virtual surgery simulations – offering students a unique way to learn about the human anatomy.

Metrology-grade medical 3D scans

We use top-of-the-line scanners to guarantee that you receive the highest-quality healthcare 3D data possible. 

What to expect

We evaluate each object before scanning to determine the best strategy.

Certain items will require target markers, 3D scanning spray, or specialist jigs to guarantee optimal results. 

We then use our non-contact, non-destructive scanning equipment to collect precise data.

Lastly, the resulting point cloud can be converted into an editable CAD file during post-processing. 

Read more about our 3D scanning process. 

Raw scan data gives you a triangled mesh of your object devoid of any colour or texture. It contains all defects of the scanned items and any ‘noise’ the scan has picked up.

A CAD file permits the repair and refinement of this data, which is necessary for tasks like reverse engineering, prototyping, and producing parts in as-new condition. It’s also useful if you wish to modify the design and experiment with various aesthetics.

Our usual turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. This may vary depending on whether you require scan data only, an auto-surfaced model, or a parametric model.

Reverse engineering and additional services can also extend the time frame. 

If you have a strict deadline, let us know and we’ll work to find a solution. 

Auto-Surfaced Model

  • CAD compatible
  • Accurate representation of object’s exact geometry
  • Retains defects
  • Quicker turnaround
  • Cost-Effective

Parametric Model

  • CAD compatible
  • Flawless 3D model, replicating original design intent
  • Defects repaired
  • Slower turnaround
  • Higher cost

3D scan human body parts

We can scan the human body to capture precise, textured data of external surfaces and create an accurate digital 3D model. It could be an individual body part, like an arm, foot, or ear, or your full body.

Our scans record, hair, facial features, and skin tone in impressive detail. And don’t worry about holding your breath, any displacements caused by small movements are removed automatically.

Is it safe?

Yes, 3D scanning the human body is completely safe for both adults and babies. Our scanners are non-contact, non-invasive, and utilize infrared structured light which is invisible and poses no threat to the eyes.

computer screen displaying 3D scan data of a human hand

Measure for bespoke orthosis appliances

Our 3D scan data provides exact measurements and geometries of your body which can be used by dedicated healthcare product manufacturers to design tailored medical aids and mobility assistance solutions.

This leads to better-fitting, more comfortable devices, which will make your journey to recovery that much easier.

happy customer seeing custom prosthetic hand for the first time

Custom prosthetic fittings

False limbs for amputees without the messy, time-consuming plaster casts.

We can digitize your residual limb in high resolution and full colour. Prosthetics companies will be able to mirror this data to model a realistic artificial arm or leg that looks natural, with a socket that fits perfectly over your stump.

The same process also works for patients suffering from microtia.

Sports injury recovery & prevention

Injuries don’t have to be the end of your sporting career. Athletes of all levels can use our 3D scans to develop personalised supports and rehabilitative or preventative gear, as wells as specialised sports prosthesis. 

Get back in the game faster and avoid repeat damage!

a runner on the starting blocks ready to race
Recent work

3D scan for a custom ankle brace

We recently scanned a customer’s ankle so that she could send the 3D file over to a sports equipment supplier in Holland. They used it to create a made-to-specification ankle brace that helps her move freely when exercising without fear of hurting the ankle.

What Abbie says...

“I needed specialist ankle braces that were only manufactured in the Netherlands. Surface Scan allowed me to get my 3D scan here in the UK and send it to Holland for them to manufacture my ankle braces. Surface Scan provided an excellent service and reduced travel making it so much easier for me”.

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3D scanning medical devices

Generate a detailed digital twin of any medical device for inspection, repair, reverse engineering, and modification. Our metrology-grade scanners provide full-field data of even the most complex geometries, accurate up to 0.020mm.

Examples of devices we scan…

Healthcare facilities

Private clinicians

Pharmaceutical firms

screen displaying a medical component in 3D CAD software


3D scan damaged part to create digital model.


Reverse engineer data and digitally repair any faults.


3D print replacement part & as many spares as you need.

Streamline the repair of healthcare equipment

Our scanning solutions drastically increase the efficiency of maintenance and repair for healthcare providers and manufacturers.

Quickly obtain accurate dimensions of medical equipment and create a digital 3D model of the physical object, without the potential for human error. This can be used to plan and assess the viability of repairs or modifications prior to carrying out the physical work.

Spare parts for medical devices & replacements

Having trouble tracking down a rare or discontinued part from a worn piece of healthcare equipment?

Paying for a whole new device isn’t the only answer. We will 3D scan your component to CAD and digitally repair any damage.

A replacement part can then be manufactured using this file. Depending on the necessary material, we can produce your part in-house with additive manufacturing.

This is a cost-effective solution for private clinicians, dentists, physiotherapists, and chiropractors. 

graphic representing digital files on computer

Document new, used, and refurbished apparatus

OEMs, as well as companies involved in the sale of reconditioned second-hand supplies and the reprocessing of medical devices, will all benefit from having digital copies of all products on file.

Without them, you are at serious risk of loss if anything happens to the physical items.

These models can additionally be used to enhance quality control with comprehensive inspection and deviation analysis. 

Modifications & prototyping

CAD files generated from our scans are editable, allowing you to easily adjust the design before production.

3D scan a new medical device prototype to make fast iterations in CAD, run virtual simulations, and 3D print to visualise the physical object while avoiding tooling costs.

Manufacturers across industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, and furniture utilize 3D scanning for digitisation. It is also key for the preservation of cultural sites.

prototype medical instruments in a laboratory

We required some parts for ear defenders that were no longer available and for some adaption of already existing parts to allow them to be compatible with our MRI scanner. The whole process was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. They listened to and understood our requirements, offered excellent advice, and backed this up with an efficient design and manufacturing process. The parts produced fitted exceptionally well and have so far stood up to constant use, 13 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Gareth Locke

NHS Forth Valley

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What our customers say...

3D scanning for healthcare education

By capturing textured data of the human anatomy, it’s possible to generate a wealth of quality educational resources.

a fake human skeleton section used for healthcare education

Create realistic medical training aids

Offer students vital hands-on training with lifelike dummy body parts. By 3D scanning real human organs and limbs, you ensure that the models you produce are as realistic as possible.

Capture complicated surfaces, colours, and textures that are anatomically correct. These practical educational tools are a must for schools, universities, and anyone teaching medical workshops.

Virtual surgery simulations

Use the 3D model we provide as a basis to build interactive learning experiences for trainee doctors. These include immersive visualisations and surgery simulations.

This allows students to practice repeatedly in a virtual environment with less pressure and lower costs. Especially useful in situations where attending a physical location isn’t viable and online education is the only option.

a student performing a surgery simulation on a tablet
A scientist conducting medical research

Enhance the accuracy of medical research

If you are conducting medical research that investigates effects on the human body, 3D scanning offers extreme precision for identifying even the smallest anthropometric changes.

This can be used at the beginning and end of a clinical trial to document exact measurements of subjects.

Reconstructive surgery visualisation

Doctors conducting plastic or aesthetic surgery can use digital 3D models to plan out surgical procedures and show the patient how they will look afterwards.

doctor showing patient plan of how they will look following reconstructive surgery

Our professional 3D laser scanning services are ideal for larger-scale projects, such as healthcare buildings and production facilities. 


Data obtained during the furniture 3D scanning process can be converted into a wide variety of outputs.

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