Nylon 3D printing service

Manufacture durable, functional 3D parts on demand. Nylon PA6 is resilient and heat resistant, popular for high strength and low friction applications.


Abrasion-resistant plastic parts

High performance without the price tag. Nylon Polyamide 6 (PA6) is a versatile thermoplastic suitable for rigorous, long-term use in dry environments.

nylon fdm components

Nylon PA6 (FDM)

Your solution for components that are built to last.  

nylon carbon fibre production UK

Nylon PA6 CF (FDM)

Nylon fortified with Carbon Fibre for added mechanical integrity.

Common Nylon 3D printing applications


Widely used for the production of custom fixtures, jigs, and tooling.


Heavy-duty material ideal for end-use parts that will undergo sustained usage.

Consumer goods

A cost-effective way to create hard-wearing consumer products.

Typical Nylon PA6 components

nylon pa6 prints
abrasion resistant plastic part from manifold

Use cases for Nylon PA6 CF

collection of functional nylon CF parts

Economical production with Nylon PA6

The perfect balance between quality & price

When you need to iterate on a design or print low volumes without sacrificing quality, Nylon provides fantastic value.

No minimum order quantity. Upload your 3D files to calculate your production costs.

Nylon PA12 (SLS)

Nylon PA12 is exclusively available with our SLS technology. 

It’s great for complex designs and still affordable. Expect a grainy, matte surface finish free of layer lines.

SLS models

Alternatives to Nylon

Uncertain whether Nylon PA6 or PA12 fit your project needs? Explore our selection of industrial and engineering materials tailored to various budgets and applications.


Advanced plastic. The best mechanical properties available for FDM.





Ultem 9085

PEI filament offering high-performance characteristics at a lower price tag.






Flexible material often used for parts needing good impact resistance.





Frequently asked questions...

Nylon PA6, also known as polyamide 6, is a thermoplastic material widely used in various industries for its excellent mechanical properties, toughness, and chemical resistance. It’s derived from polymerizing caprolactam molecules, resulting in a strong and durable material with high tensile strength and low friction coefficient. Nylon PA6 exhibits good resistance to abrasion, impact, and moisture, making it suitable for applications such as automotive parts, electrical components, consumer goods, and industrial machinery. Its versatility, coupled with its ability to be easily molded and extruded, has cemented Nylon PA6 as a popular choice in manufacturing for its balance of performance and cost-effectiveness.

Nylon PA6 CF contains strands of Carbon Fibre that elevate some of the material’s most desirable characteristics. 

This includes increased stiffness and strength, greater heat resistance, and better layer adhesion. 

Nylon PA6 CF is preferred for parts requiring a high strength-to-weight ratio, for example those used in tooling. 

When this added strength isn’t a necessity, the standard version is a cheaper way to go. 

Absolutely! Nylon PA6 and its carbon fibre counterpart are both resistant to a number of chemicals, oils, and fuels. 

However, if chemical resistance is your key concern, high-performance materials like PEEK or Ultem are definitely worth considering. 

Our Nylon PA6 is printed using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology. This allows us to keep the cost and turnaround time as low as possible for you. It does however mean that layer lines will be visible on your parts. 

We also offer Nylon PA12 with our SLS printers. This works by using a laser to selectively fuse powdered Nylon layer by layer to create a solid object.

Our Nylon PA6 3D printers have a maximum volume of 400 x 300 x 300 mm.

However, larger models can be printed in sections for you to join together. 

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If you’d like to talk more about Nylon PA6 and our other materials, please get in touch. We’re ready to answer any questions you might have.

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