Our PETG 3D printing utilizes FDM printing process to get the best print possible. PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol) is a tough and low-cost plastic. It’s chemically resistant has great waterproof properties and is slightly more flexible than other materials, this can offer better impact resistance.

Advantages of PETG

large black PETG teeth


PETG is a thermoplastic which means it can be reused many times, meaning it has little to no effect on the environment. PETG is accepted by all curbside recycling programs making it the perfect choice for eco-friendly 3D printed models.  

assortment of PETG parts wide shot

Strong & durable

PETG is the strongest plastic out of the four we offer here at Surface Scan, this includes PLA, ABS and TPU. PETG is knonw for its immense with capability to hold a lot of weight as well as being able to withstand most high pressure forces.

production ready PETG 3D print in black

Tough & durable

PETG is very tough and durable and can withstand higher amounts impact. making it perfect functional parts. PETG is often used within the dentistry and orthodontics because of its long lasting, sturdy, functional properties.

grey PETG table top monument

Water proof

Along with being strong and durable, PETG has fantastic waterproofing properties making it excellent for things such as plant pots, or anything that will require long-lasting waterproof characteristics.

What PETG is perfect for

Things to consider

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assortment of PETG parts, some black, some grey, some with orange highlights

PETG creates strong parts and has great layer adhesion. It is impact and heat-resistant up to 60 to 70°C. It is Favored by countless industries for its production capability, we highly recommended PETG if your looking for 3D printed parts primarily for functional applications such as cogs, jigs, and prototypes. 

Colours we offer
PETG 3d letters stacked a top of each other, in red, blue, orange and green

PETG is available in a number of colours. We offer PETG 3D printed models in black, white, grey, clear, red, blue, orange and green. Being that PETG comes off the print bed with a glossy finish we highly recommend if your looking for other colours you clean, sand (with water so not to damage the print) apply primer and then your colour paint of choice

Advantages of PETG
petg apperance 1

The overall finish of PETG is smooth and glossy, however this does mean its prone to being easily scratched. PETG also uses support materials for the more complex 3D printed parts, so small marks and light stringing will be left behind after we print your 3D parts. You can paint your part post print to furthermore conceal these layer lines, giving your product a more professional, unique personalized finish.   

PETG VS other Filaments

At Surface Scan, we offer an array of filaments ranging in characteristics, check out their advantages below.

Eco-friendly 85%
Print quality 80%
Cost effective 70%
Strength 90%
Flexibility 45%
Eco-friendly 80%
Print quality 90%
Cost effective 70%
Strength 85%
Flexibility 40%
Carbon Fibre
Eco-friendly 90%
Print quality 85%
Cost effective 75%
Strength 97%
Flexibility 45%
Eco-friendly 60%
Print quality 80%
Cost effective 70%
Strength 90%
Flexibility 95%
Eco-friendly 80%
Print quality 80%
Cost effective 40%
Strength 95%
Flexibility 35%
Eco-friendly 80%
Print quality 95%
Cost effective 85%
Strength 100%
Flexibility 55%

Looking for industrial quality?

Our engineering FDM selection is your best choice for high-performance applications. 

assortment of high-performance plastic components

PETG has very high levels of UV resistance making it the perfect choice for prints that will remain outside for extended periods. If your looking to 3D prints products like plant pots then we would highly recommend PETG.  

PETG filament is thicker than PLA and therefor need to be printed at a slower speed and high temperature. With that in mind the 3D printing process is almost identical to that of PLA being that they both use FDM printing. The filament is passed through the glass transition temperature and then extruded onto the printing bed layer by layer until were left with you 3D part. 

PETG is the strongest of the FDM mateirals we offer, this includes PLA, TPU and ABS. PETG is well known for its high tensile strength and impact resistance making it perfect for functional parts.

There are a number of differences between PLA and PETG, these vary from properties, applications and material cost. PETG is far strong and resilient when compared to PLA. However PLA is considered a better choice when it comes to filament melting and cooling. PLA is easier to apply hand finishes and is considered the better option for every day use, that being said if you need a strong, high UV resistant, waterproof print with a glossy finish then we recommend PETG.

PETG is in fact food safe, its weather resistant properties and characteristics make it perfect for prints like Jars, pots and gardening equipment. 

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