Reverse engineering services

Our reverse engineering service generates highly accurate CAD models from your physical parts, ready for inspection, design analysis, modification, and manufacture. 

A reverse engineered industrial component in CAD software

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How does reverse engineering work?

Our reverse engineering service in its basic form, is taking an object to examine its detail or how it was made and how it might work. This allows us to extract design intent from the physical part and reproduce it digitally, even in the absence of technical drawings. The resulting 3D model can be used to help rebuild, redesign, or repair your component.

3D scanning a car valve cover

3D Scan to gather data

We use our 3D scanning services to collect precise geometric information about your part in the form of a point cloud. 

We offer both mobile or in-house 3D scanning and our expert engineers use metrology-grade equipment to guarantee the highest-quality results. 

side by side of 3D scan data and parametric model of an engineering part and

Reverse engineer to CAD

Once we have obtained the scan data, we can use it as a guide for creating your 3D CAD model in SolidWorks.

We continuously check for deviation between scan and CAD to ensure the model is as accurate as possible. Choose between an auto-surfaced or parametric model. 

3D printed parts from a reverse engineered component

Manufacture your part

Our professional 3D printing service offers an affordable way to manufacture the reverse-engineered item or a prototype.

If you require the design to be CNC machined, milled, or produced by another method, the CAD file will also be compatible with CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software.

Problems our reverse engineering service solves

An original discontinued component next to it's 3D printed counterpart following reverse engineering
On the left is an original obsolete component. On the right, a replacement we 3D printed after reverse engineering.

How to replace obsolete parts

Need spares for a legacy component that’s no longer available from the OEM?

By 3D scanning and reverse engineering the physical part, we can provide you with a CAD file that can be used to produce as many copies as necessary.

This end-to-end process is used commonly across industries including automotiveaerospacehealthcare, and heritage, as well as with furniture.

Repair or remanufacture worn equipment

We can digitally repair minor wear and damage to ensure that your 3D model matches the original design intent.

Customers also use our reverse engineering services to analyse faulty components and plan out physical repairs.

A surface deviation analysis of a shower part
a product design being modified in CAD

Rework existing designs & reduce product development timelines

Transform an existing product into an editable CAD file to add new features or create a similar product more cost-effectively.

Use our 3D printing service to quickly test physical prototypes as you work through design iterations. Cut the design process down from months to weeks or days. 

Safeguard your business with a digital inventory

If you don’t have technical drawings for your inventory, your revenue is at risk should anything happen to the physical stock.

With product designs saved digitally, you will be able to order replacements in the event of any damage or loss.

digital 3D model of a drill

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Fill in this form to receive a free, no-obligation quotation. Please attach images of the object you need us to reverse engineer and a brief outline of what you hope to achieve. 

Which type of CAD model do I need?

We offer two levels of post-processing with our reverse engineering services, depending on your requirements.

Auto-surfaced model (.stp)

Also known as a NURBS (Non-uniform rational basis spline) model, auto-surfacing retains an accurate representation of your object’s exact geometry, including any imperfections.

An auto-surfaced model is a good option for inspection and deviation analysis. It may also be preferred if you have an in-house CAD engineer who can work with the file themselves.

AutoSurface 3D model
parametric 3d model

Parametric model (.stp)

Parametric modelling returns your object to its original design intent, creating a new flawless 3D model. Any defects will be removed, leaving all holes, features, and edges completely smooth and dimensioned.  

At this stage we can also implement any changes that need to be applied to the design. Parametric models are incredibly versatile, making them the recommended choice for most use-cases.


Data from our 3D scanning and reverse engineering services can be converted into a wide variety of outputs.

What our customers say...


Our standard turnaround time is 1-2 weeks, although this will be longer for more complex projects. Let us know if you have a strict deadline and we will do our best to accomodate. 

We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and regularly do so for clients working on confidential projects. 

Yes absolutely! After 3D scanning and reverse engineering your product, we will be able to supply accurate 2D and 3D drawings. These can be used to communicate the requirements of your design and streamline manufacturing. 

We also offer 3D laser scanning to generate 2D and 3D CAD drawings of buildings and other large structures.

If you have a part you’d like to 3D print, you will need a specialised file such as an .stl.

Unfortunately, a photo of your object is not enough for the printer to work from. However, we can 3D scan the physical item and reverse engineer it to create a perfect 3D model ready for printing. 

By 3D scanning and reverse engineering a competitor’s existing product, we can provide you with a clean parametric CAD model. This file will help you understand how the item works and is easily editable so that you can revise the design and create a similar product with your own improvements. 

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