TPU 3D printing

TPU 3D printing produces parts that are perfect for specific applications.  TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a flexible and highly impact-resistant plastic. It’s tough which makes this perfect for items such as rubber handles, grips, phone cases and shock mounts. Use our 3D printing service to create your part today. 

Advantages of TPU

large black TPU part standing up


TPU is a thermo-plastic which means it can be melted down, re-threaded and reused many times for multiple different 3D prints. The ability to melt down and reuse TPU means it has little to no effect on the environment. If you look for a material with malleable properties and can be recycled we recommend TPU.

assortment of TPU 3d printed parts


TPU is known for its flexibility, this makes it perfect for parts such as phone cases or rubber handles. TPU mimics the feel, look and properties of silicon, giving it the unique ability to bend and morth in any direction needed. This flexiblity allows TPU to stand out form its alternatives.  

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Tough and durable

TPU is known for its flexibility and extremely strong impact resistance qualities. Although  TPU might lack in the tensile strength department, it definitely makes it up in both its flexibility and its impact resistance characteristics. It is extremely versatile, great for products like phone cases. 

large black TPU part, horizontal

Impact resistant

TPU is impact resistant meaning it can take and hold most force. This makes it perfect for any part that will have weight put on it. Although the tensile strength of TPU isn’t as impressive say as PLA, TPU is far better when it comes to impact residence, shock absorption and flexibility.

What TPU is perfect for

Things to consider

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Impact resistant

TPU is impact resistant, making it perfect for parts such as phone cases. Phone cases are a perfect example of using TPU effectively, not only is TPU fantastic at impact and UV resistance but it is flexible too making it perfect for adapting to and protecting your phone. It will absorb all the impact if the phone is dropped, keeping your phone safe in the process.

TPU black letter t and grey letter U
Colours we offer

TPU isn’t available in many colours. So here at Surface Scan we only offer black, grey, white and clear. However, these options still make the part look high quality and professional. You can apply some hand finishes to TPU, if you have opted for the less flexible variant then painting will work fine, however if you have gone for the more silicon type then it would be better to dye your print.

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Appearance of TPU
tpu functional parts

TPU has a glossy finish, which makes it look high quality. It will have visible layer lines but they wont distract from the overall look of the part. TPU compared to other filaments such as PLA, it is stronger and glossier. Making it look better quality

TPU VS other Filaments

Here at Surface Scan, we offer an array of other filaments, check out their advantages below.

Eco-friendly 80%
Print quality 80%
Cost effective 70%
Strength 90%
Flexibility 95%
Eco-friendly 80%
Print quality 90%
Cost effective 70%
Strength 85%
Flexibility 40%
Carbon Fibre
Eco-friendly 90%
Print quality 85%
Cost effective 75%
Strength 97%
Flexibility 45%
Eco-friendly 60%
Print quality 80%
Cost effective 40%
Strength 95%
Flexibility 35%
Eco-friendly 85%
Print quality 80%
Cost effective 70%
Strength 90%
Flexibility 45%
Eco-friendly 80%
Print quality 95%
Cost effective 85%
Strength 100%
Flexibility 55%

Need something stronger?

Our engineering FDM materials are your best choice for high-performance applications. 

assortment of high-performance plastic components

TPU 3D material is in fact UV resistant, TPU shows an extremely high tolerance and stability when it comes to colour fastness. whilst also maintaining a very high standard of mechanical property. 

Depending on the delivery speed you select, this is when you can expect to receive your TPU 3D prints:


  • Express (1-3 business days)
  • Standard (3-6 business days)
  • Economy (10 business days)

TPU 3D filament is extremely durable, malleable and flexible, making it perfect for all sorts of automotive, functional and mechanical applications.  not only is TPU flexible but the soft rubbery nature of the filament allows for great shock absorption.  

TPU comes middle of the road when it comes to price. TPU cost twice as much as PLA or PETG but it is significantly cheaper then SLS. If your looking for cheap prototyping then we here at Surface Scan do not recommend TPU but if you require a print that allows for bending and great impact resistance then we suggest TPU despite the cost. 

TPU prints are in fact quite strong, TPU do not have the strongest tensile strength compared to alternative filaments and printing process but it does have one of the highest levels of impact resistance, shock absorption and elasticity. if you are looking for a material with extremely high tensile strength then we would recommend SLS but if you need impact absorption then we highly recommend TPU. 

TPU falls into the FDM (fused deposition modeling) printing process. This is where the filament, in this case TPU is feed through an extruder, either direct or bowden, the extruder head then melts the filament, laying each layer down one by one, the current layer melting or fusing with the last. This process is done over and over until we are left with your 3D model. It is to be noted that TPU is on the more difficult side to print due to the filaments elastic nature, ultimately making it harder to thread the filament through the extruder and can often jam. 

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